jetty and lindsey
A week and a half ago I attended the Storyline Conference in San Diego. The past year, the past two years, the past three years, the past...okay well, life, has been hard. Not the kind that belongs on an evening special or could solicit donations, but the kind that seems to be made up of a lot of expectations and a lot of loss within them.

Don't get me wrong, of course life has been beautiful as well. The little moments seeing things and being with people have overflowed my heart. In general though, my default is to operate out of pain, disappointment, and criticism. Where has that gotten me? Not very far.

Just because I risk something and am rejected doesn't mean that the experience wasn't worth it. I learn something. I grow. I actually move.

I was reminded of this at the conference. To tell a good story, the main character must endure conflict and overcome it. Not pretend like it never happened, but face it, wrestle with it, work through it, and eventually move beyond it. Not to ignore it or pretend like it never happened, but allow it to be woven into the fabric of the narrative making it richer, more authentic, and truly inspirational.

It is time that I find my rhythm of a meaningful life. I don't know what that looks like, I just know I need to make changes and take steps in a direction. Here I am, taking a risk, and hoping to find that life offers me an enthusiastic, "YES!"