I have had the most ridiculous day.

I got a little over 7 hours of sleep, but stayed in bed longer hoping for a few more winks. That didn't happen. I'm also pretty sure I woke up at a terrible point in my sleep cycle.

My brain is foggy as a result.

Today I am wearing a pirate outfit. I convinced myself that this certain pair of gypsy pants looked good on me, and since they were ridiculously on sale, how could I resist? Well, pair black gypsy pants and a orangish-red striped tank, complete with an anchor on the button for all to see, "AAARRR matey!" A pirate's life for me. I thought I could pull it off. Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. Either way, I'm definitely faking confidence in it.

Late morning I finally got around to deciding what to do with my day: go to a creative coffee shop, work on some job applications, catch up on some emails, and be inspired and invigorated by having other similar creatives around me too. Plus, my pirate outfit almost makes me look cool enough to fit the vibe. Noticeable, but not obnoxious.

I hop in the car, drive 25 minutes to Portola Coffee Lab and find parking in the nosebleed section. If you recall from a previous post, this is a hipster mecca and it is always packed.

Unusual things happen in the nosebleed section. People think they can get away with more since there is less foot and car traffic. They do things like, leaving their car parked overnight hoping no one will notice and that the towing sign is just a suggestive fear tactic. Or they do things like screeching their way too expensive car into a spot, throwing it in park, and in a "the house is on fire" type of panic start making out in the front seat while the car idles. For 30 minutes. Barely stopping to breathe.

So, that happened.

Why was I around long enough to know what was going on and how long it lasted, you may be wondering? Oh right, that's because as soon as I could peel my eyes away from "get a room", I realized I forgot my wallet and was scrounging every corner of the car for money to buy coffee and stay awhile.

$2.38 doesn't cut it at a craft coffee shop, leaving me with one option if I wanted to get caffeine in my system to wake up my foggy brain enough to work: drive 25 minutes back home.

I learned from my travels around the world, pee when you have a chance. Since I faced another long journey before there would be a toilet available, I ran in and used the bathroom (without buying anything...shhhhh).

At this point, I'm pretty frustrated with all that happened, but try to make the best of the wasted day. I decide to go to a coffee shop closer to home within walking distance. I've had enough of parking by the abandoned cars and crazy makeout sessions.

Heading out the door, I go to grab my stuff from the car and realize that my sunglasses have vanished.

Or, I left them by the bathroom. The bathroom that is 25 minutes away.

Oh yes. Indeed this is true. Another u-turn and I find myself sitting at Portola by 2:15pm, at least having found my sunglasses by the bathroom like I suspected. It is two hours later than when I wanted to be here, with no time left to apply for jobs, but just the right amount of time for a blog. A complaining blog, because today has been ridiculous.

Don't worry, at least I remembered my wallet this time. I also got a fantastic iced latte. And just as assumed, it is busy in here, but to my surprise the hipsters have come and gone. Now the clientele are suited adults with their end of the day business meetings and the grandmas that finally got here for their one big outing of the day.

I wish someone would have told me. Now my pirate outfit really looks strange. I should have worn jeans and a t-shirt.

Ugh. Life is so unpredictable.

But, enough about me. How are you doing today?