Guess what? It is 2016. You read that right. Two zero one six. 10 days into the New Year. Crazy.

November 2, 2015 I was sitting in Starbucks telling my three faithful readers readers (thanks Teej and parents) that I talked about feeling sassy and ready to put on my big girl shoes and start walking.

Guess what else? I am literally sitting in almost the exact same spot the last time that I blogged.

I drove to the Starbucks Roastery (aka the Starbucks that tried really hard to make a hip coffee experience with a more expensive twist, but gets me every time) to get out of the apartment and blog. It is spacious and I figured I could bank on being an anonymous face in the usual crowd of tourists among the 'bucks fanfare.

Believe me when I tell you that I very infrequently go to Starbucks, even as a Seattle local. I don't love Starbucks and my "preferences", as I like to call them, have become more, ahem, refined. Although, if actions speak louder than words than you should not actually believe me. Why? Because this is my second time at Starbucks in one day, and round two was completely my own choice.

Having looked back on what I wrote a couple of months ago, I'm beginning to wonder if you should believe anything I say, truthfully. For over a month I've been thinking a lot about how life requires work and seeing evidence of that all around. My hope was to write out some motivational and approachable thoughts on all of us working for the things that matter most. I had stories to share about different people I see modeling that in truly incredible ways. The phrase "digging my heels in" was going to be incorporated. I could feel it in my creative mulling.

Here I sit at my computer reading my past blog, coming to terms with the fact that I haven't put the work in the way that I aspired to in November. Talk about a blow to the ego. Lots of talk, but no action. At least not in the ways that I know I need.

And the kicker? My job is to support and direct people on a daily basis. I listen carefully, ask thought provoking questions, and offer advice on how they can become more holistically healthy and grounded while riding the roller coaster of life. When it comes to putting things into action for myself, well, apparently that isn't a thing.

Honestly, it is kind of laughable and extremely ironic. If that isn't a wake up call, I'm not sure what is exactly. At least I have a sense of humor about it all.

So, then, what have I learned about how things that are worth it require hard work? Blowing hot air isn't helpful unless there is a balloon attached to the basket to get it lifted into the air and going somewhere.

If I don't get a balloon quick, my basket will be staying at Starbucks, and that isn't really something that I, ahem, prefer.